Responsive VET driven by teachers - handbooks

Based on the experiences of the pilots, the consortium developed a new, responsive methodology, which will enable leaders and teachers in vocational education to respond quickly, addressing skill gaps identified by the labour market, which itself is changing at a pace never experienced before.

The methodology is published in two volumes of a freely downloadable e-book titled: Preparing VET Students for Tomorrow’s Labour Market.

While the first volume - Teaching Practices Revisited - covers the learning content of a teachers’ further training program, helping them to expand their own professional portfolio with 21st century, active teaching methods and skills. The second - Responsive Project Method - provides a detailed description of the responsive project methodology aimed at delivering upskilling micro-courses for VET students. These micro-courses – integrated into the curriculum and using active and digital learning methods in a blended form – teach specific chunks of knowledge and skills not included within the standard curricula but considered to be essential for today’s job market.