CAPDM is a small SME specialising in XML and other information standards, and in the technologies and business of online distance education.  CAPDM has a long history in the design, development and operation of distance programmes, delivered globally, and forming sustainable businesses for clients in higher and further (VET) education.  CAPDM is also a VET provider through its sister company, Opus Learning - a fully online further education college approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

We have been fortunate to have the unique experience of producing  the World’s largest non-tutored, online distance learning MBA program, and managing its content over 14 years of commercial growth and success.

This program comprised 45 Master level (20 credit) modules;  20+ million words; 7000+ illustrations and videos; and 900+ individual course components; all capable of delivering 4000+ hours of interactive online study and assessment in four different languages.  It was delivered on paper and online to a global audience of tens of thousands of students in 160+ countries.

We’ve widened and deepened that experience by producing 30+ more online programs for 20+ education providing organisations over two decades.  This has enabled us to refine and optimise what we do, and to productise and scale it for others to adopt and exploit for themselves.