AICA - Associazione Italiana Informatica e Calcolo Automatico

AICA is Italy's most prominent association in the Information Technology field, active in the promotion and the development of digital skills and disseminating ICT enabled solutions training, certifications and tools for digital competences, related to specialized professions. 

AICA works closely with the ECDL Foundation and CEN/ISSS and nationally with UNINFO for the specification and implementation of Syllabus for Digital Skills. In addition, AICA at present It’s the only certification entity in Italy for the certification of e-skills of digital users, accredited by Accredia, the Italian national agency in charge of ISO17024 accreditation for personnel certification bodies.

AICA is an active member of AgID the National Coalition for Digital Jobs, the Ministry of Research and Education (MIUR), the Italian Institute of Telemedicine, the National Health Institute, Universities Enterprise and Industry Associations. The numerous projects which AICA coordinates are all conceived to take into account local requirements, while drawing on and remaining in the context of experiences and initiatives currently under way in the rest of the world, owing to AICA’s strong international status.  Here is a list of AICA main support in International projects:

  • Since December 2016 AICA is Pledger member of the “New Skills Agenda for Europe”, to foster Digital Skills training programmes and ICT internationally recognized Certification of Digital Literacy Competences;
  • Since 2004 AICA has participated in the e-Skills Conference and related activities, sponsored by EC DG Enterprise and Industry;
  • In 2015, AICA has been included in the European Commission stakeholders’ network of e-leadership
  • Has participated in the Harmonise project, supported by the EC (DG Education and Culture) through Leonardo funds;
  • AICA had the presidency of the CEN WS on ICT Skills (2008-2010);
  • Participation and technical support to CEPIS for the first survey on Professional e-Competences in Europe (2011);

Every year AICA takes part in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and in 2012 AICA hosted the international contest in Milan