SZÁMALK-Szalézi Post-Secondary Vocational School

SZÁMALK-Salesian (SZÁMALK-Szalézi) Post-Secondary Vocational school - has been one of the most popular training places amongst post-secondary students for 25 years. The school was called into being to provide ICT related training programs but its training program offer has been growing ever since, which means today we provide – besides IT vocations – training programs in the fields of media, arts, economics, tourism and pedagogical courses.

Since 2006 our school has been the member institution of „CISCO Academy”, so our students can attend two different CISCO courses (IT Essentials and CCNA) – this way they can take their international exams in our school as well.

Our training portfolio presently contains 20 programs in 7 vocations at advanced and high levels. 1000 students participate in the different training programs preparing for the labour market by acquiring up-dated competences.

We aim to make the school the best in the field of professional training, as well as to make our students to be the most successful in the process of acquisition of knowledge and practice. We have been achieving excellent results in the fields of training IT, arts, management, tourism both on high levels. In our institution everyone finds suitable professional training according to their interests, both daytime and evening classes.

Our school has a state of the art infrastructure and highly trained teachers create proper teaching-learning conditions.

We provide national, European and international work experience and qualifications to our students.

Our innovative institution has been involved in national and international pedagogical researches and partnership projects for 18 years.

We apply the research and development results in nurturing young talents, as well as preparing them for successful future employment.