Upskilling Training for Teachers

The second intellectual outcome - O2 Upskilling Training for Teachers - is a multilingual 'Learning Management' and 'Learning Content Management System' platform for delivering the upskilling course for teachers. English-based learning contents has been translated into partner national languages and implemented along with additional course components - sets of competences, exercises, assignments, web 2.0 tools, etc. The platform supports social learning and collaboration, the customized graphical  design and house styles, and standard, user friendly navigation tools.

Reactivet Moodle Platform

The Reacti-VET Upskilling Course for Teachers, available in Moodle in four languages

After completing the online versions, we tested the platform by involving staff members from the partners - who are the mentors when piloting the course with teachers. These pilot started in December 2019 in Hungary, in February 2020 in Italy, and in March 2020 in Estonia with more than 120 participants studying blended form. The first face-to-face training days were connected to Multiplier Event in in Hungary and Italy.

Reacti-VET multilingual learning platform

Link to the Reacti-VET Course

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