Design and Implementation of Reacti-VET Upskilling Training - methodology

In the 4th phase of the project upskilling courses for students were designed and delivered in Hungary and in Estonia.

Teams of VET teachers made contact with local companies and reached an agreement with one of them. As a next step, skill mismatches and training needs were identified in collaboration of the company representative and the teachers. The company assigned a project task to a team of students, in relation to the identified skill gaps, then a curriculum was designed for a short upskilling course for the students, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the project task.

The content for the 30-hour courses was prepared in close collaboration of the company and the teachers, who used Open Educational Resources and developed own digital learning materials.

The courses were delivered at the beginning of 2021, mostly online, and where it was possible the practical sessions were held in small groups. At the end students presented the project task to the companies, who assessed it according to pre-defined criteria.

In Estonia 2 upskilling courses were implemented, while in Hungary 7 projects were implemented, in the following areas:

Business and Management

  • Advanced Excel for Accounting of SMEs
  • Designing Webshop Solutions for SMEs


  • Designing a Project Week on Sustainability for Elementary School Students

Information Technology

  • Managing Cyber Security in SME
  • Implementation of the Website of a Medical Station

Gardening, Horticulture

  • Construction of a Green Wall

The project teams also presented their results at the closing multiplier event that was held on Zoom platform.