Online multiplier event, Hungary

On the 18th of February 2021 the final multiplier event was organized in Hungary online, on the Zoom platform, with around 70 participants - VET managers, teachers, students and educational experts, consultants.

Our guest speaker - the Head of Centre of Methodology for Digital VET and AL - had a presentation on the World of work - 2030. In the main part of the event all 7 experiments (student upskilling courses) were presented. Most of the teams recorded the students' presentations previously, so we could see and hear not only teachers, but also the students and company representatives to speak about the project task, the upskilling course and their related experiences.

One of the projects was reported by the local television as well:

It was a very informative and motivating event – VET school partners demonstrated that the Reacti-VET methodology fully supports strategic educational goals. We can realistically expect that the methodology developed by the consortium will be used in a wider context after project closure.