Reacti-VET Needs Analysis and Training Package for Teachers

During the 1st phase of the project, the project partners were involved in 3 main activities. Initially the project website was created, with a public front end, and a back end only accessible for partners, used for collaborative document handling and online communication. The platform was presented to partners at the kick-off meeting. As a next step, a focused requirement analysis was performed in Italy, Estonia and Hungary. Altogether 264 VET teachers participated in the online survey, the results of which were published in English in an executive summary.

One significant difference we discovered is that in Hungary it is not so much typical for a VET teacher to have a second job in a company, however it is quite common in Italy and Estonia. We also found that e-book usage is significantly higher in Estonia than in the other 2 countries involved in the survey.

IT competence levels of respondents were relatively low, Open Educational Resources (OERs) are suprisingly still not widely used, so a course we offer is in fact very much relevant for them. We have also surveyed companies in Hungary, resulting in the conclusion that employers have few working relationships with training institutions and they consider the skills of graduated student weak.

Based on the survey the need for a training that will establish a closer working relationship between schools and employers and a fast and flexible curriculum development process was confirmed.

The course content development has also started with elaborating the English version of the following modules first:

Module 1: Data Collection and Analysis

Module 2: 21st Century Teaching Methods

Module 3: Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Module 4: Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)

Module 5: Project Management and Collaboration Online

You can read more in the 1st  Newsletter of Reacti-VET project.