Veszprémi Szakképzési Centrum Öveges József Szakgimnáziuma, Szakközépiskolája és Kollégiuma

Vocational training has been in Balatonfűzfő for more than eight decades. In this period the name, location and profile of our school changed several times.

Today our school belongs to Veszprém Vocational Training Center and ourthe fields of our school are:

  • electronics
  • IT
  • commerce-marketing
  • business administration
  • building engineering basic and advanced level

and we apply modern education methods and IT tools in education.

Our school plays a decisive role in national dyslexic training, since 2000 we have been teaching students with special needs (dyslexic students from all over the country)besides in 2001 a high level of accredited vocational training was started.

Currently we have about 600 students altogether, of which approx. there are 200 special needs students and our school employs 76 teachers.

Providing the material and personal conditions required for modern education, we offer a wide range of training courses for students. For our students there are also many opportunities for further education within the school. Our goal is to provide our students with a solid theoretical and practical knowledge, which increases their chances for employment or further education.

To achieve this we have been cooperating with the surrounding industrial companies for years and we are looking for proposal opportunities for the development of educational tools and further training of teachers.

Our teachers are active and open to further trainings, new methods, thanks to this we have also participated in several international projects, such as the Tenegen project, which was a Best Practice Leonardo project on development of teaching materials and teacher training in ICT.